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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Texas Trip

Boy oh boy did we have fun. I can't believe we have taken the girls on 3 trips away from home. This trip went really well. We were only sad that the trip was so short and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do and see.

The girls were great plane riders again on the short 2 hour plane trip. We almost didn't make our flight. We got to the Phoenix airport 1.5 hours before our flight and we encountered the worst traffic jam of passengers heading in and out of Phoenix that I have ever seen. It took us forever to get to the curb check-in and even longer to get us through the line to get our boarding passes and check our luggage. The girls were not too happy about that. Once we got to our gate, the flight had already boarded and they were getting ready to close the doors. Luckily we made it just in time.

Here are some pictures from the plane. We were lucky again and had a whole row to ourselves so we could sit a baby down and eat and feed them instead of holding them both the entire flight.

Daddy and Riley:

Addison sitting by herself in the empty seat:

Riley trying to steal our snacks:

We got to TX and Trinity had a hang-up trying to find us at the arrival curb. Apparently DFW is the 3rd largest airport and it can be a real pain in the neck to get in and out. The wind was really blowing so we were trying to keep the girls warm while we waited by giving them our sweatshirts and sweaters to wear:

Addison getting daddy's sweatshirt:

Riley all bundled up:

After a few (hundred) circles, Trinity finally found us. We made it back to her place in one piece and we were able to introduce our two families to each other. Trinity was a perfect hostess and made us dinner that night.

The next day, Jenny and Brian were traveling down to meet us and spend the day. It was so nice to meet two of my good friends from SK. Jenny and Brian are Texas natives and sweet as can be. We all decided to go out to a local Mexican restaurant that is famous for great food with a perfect garden environment. Before we left, Jenny got some great shots of Riley eating a snack:

Jesse was set to meet up with some of his friends from his online message board to do some bowling so he was not able to stay and eat with us, but we enjoyed the Mexican food without him.

The girls got to eat some refried beans, cheese, and chicken and love it all. They made a big mess of their new outfits Trinity bought them. She is so sweet to get them an outfit all three girls could wear. We tried to pass them off as triplets but something was a little off with the girls 3rd addition. LOL Penny's beautiful brown eyes were a dead giveaway that she was not related. :)

Here are the pics from dinner and the beautiful gardens:

Jenny and I waiting in line to get into the restaurant

Addison all messy at the dinner table:

3 friends, Trinity, me, and Jenny:

Another shot by the beautiful fountain. Can you tell we were stuffed with Mexican food? Jenny looked beautiful and super skinny in this shot. (No fair) LOL:

All the lovely ladies:

4 different poses with the 3 matching girls. We had to do several to try and get them looking at the camera. They didn't always cooperate:

After lunch we went back to the house to visit a while longer before Jenny and Brian had to head home. Jenny's birthday was the next day and she was headed home to welcome her family the next day. Jenny got a good pose with Riley before they left:

On Sunday, Trinity, Penny, Piper, the Girls, and I all went to the Mills mall for some retail therapy. We enjoyed the shopping and wearing out the girls. We took a few pictures outside of Rain Forrest Cafe:

All in all, it was a great trip. I wish we could have stayed longer so we were not so rushed. I'm so glad I got to meet some good of my good SK friends in person and allow the three little girls some time to play together. Penny worked hard to teach the girls how to move around and crawl but so far they are staying stationary.


  1. Glad the trip went so well! They'll be crawling before you know it - just wait and see how much trouble they will get into! - Tkeys

  2. Aw you're still my hero :P We've taken zero trips outside of the metro area.

    Yeah stationary does have its perks.... we play "where's the baby?" a lot.

  3. How neat that you all were able to get together, glad to hear the trip went well! The girls are getting so big and they are adorable as always!

  4. So cool you were able to get together like that! Looks like a fun time!