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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Visit with Aunt Joan

Aunt Joan came to visit the girls on Saturday afternoon. Jesse was finishing his final test for his teaching certification and it was nice to have Aunt Joan come over to visit and help with the girls.

We took the girls to the mall for lunch and there is a carousel in this mall right in the middle of the food court. The girls had more fun staring at all the lights and moving objects on the carousel than they did with eating. I did give them tomatoes and cucumbers off of my salad to eat as something new to try. Addison loved her cucumbers and sucked on them for most of the lunch. I don't know how cucumbers could taste that good or what she was getting out of sucking on them but she was completely content. Riley was not as thrilled with the cucumbers and wanted me to keep giving her puffs. That girl is a carbaholic I think.

After lunch we walked around the mall for a while and let the girls take in all the sights. I got some yummy frozen yogurt with fruit which was a little treat on my diet. After going so long without real sweets, frozen yogurt with fruit tastes like candy to me.

We went back to the house and Aunt Joan played with the girls, sang them songs, and read them stories. The girls were just thrilled with all the attention.

Aunt Joan was so sweet to bring the girls some cute new yellow dresses. They look perfect for Easter/spring. I put the dresses on the girls the next day and tried to take a few pictures for Aunt Joan and the girls were not cooperating. Below are the shots I got. I got one perfect shot but then I realized the camera was on video mode so that is what the last video at the bottom is. There is nothing to it, I just liked the shot. Here is the disaster photo shoot attempt.

Why are we doing this mom???

Oops, sister is falling over to go crawl away

I'm tired mom, why do we have to keep doing this?

Oh my, a halfway decent picture:

And the short video clip with a decent shot:

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