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Friday, June 25, 2010

Big News - 14 months old

The girls are really making progress on their gross motor skills. Riley was the one that seemed to be more behind and she was going to need to make some major changes to the way she pulled up to furniture and the way she was standing in order to get closer to walking. After 3 visits to physical therapy, she graduated up to her adjusted age in her gross motor skills. She pulls up properly now, she crawls the right way with hardly any belly crawling, and lately she has been letting go of objects and just free standing.

Today she decided she didn't need an object to pull up on and she just stood up on her own in the middle of the kitchen. Now this isn't the most pretty stand as her legs are a bit stretched out but it was amazing to watch her do it and I was able to snap one picture.

Addison is a little behind Riley in her gross motor skills because she is doing things on her own Addie time. She pulls up very nicely but she doesn't have any desire to let go of objects but I know she won't be far behind. We will concentrate on Addie's development in physical therapy for the next few sessions and just bring Riley along to watch for a few sessions.

I decided to weigh the girls the other day because Riley was really starting to feel heavy. On their 12 month pediatrician visit, Riley was a few ounces heavier than Addie after Addie being the bigger twin since birth. Well now that difference is even bigger. Riley weighed 19.8 pounds and Addie was 19 pounds even. You can really tell that almost pound difference when you hold each girl. Addie seems to have a long lean body with longer legs and Riley has shorter legs with a longer torso. I love seeing the differences between the two girls as their individuality continues.

We have made some more progress on the lack of eating issue. It seems to work better if we give the girls some food on their trays but also help them eat off of the spoon or fork so they get help from us to focus on eating and they can still pick things off the trays and feed themselves. Since we started doing this, both girls are finishing their meals every time. We are still limiting the amount of milk they get during the day and that is also helping.

As for me, I am trying really hard to wean off of the pump. I started taking decongestants this week. Decongestants are known to decrease milk supply and nursing mothers are told to avoid them so they don't have a hit to their supply. I have seen a small decrease but not enough to even think about stopping completely. Apparently my supply is still pretty strong. I am getting 20-24oz a day. I am decreasing the amount of time for each of my two pumps by about 5 minutes each session and I hope to decrease by another 5 minutes next week. I hope to be completely done by the girls 15 month well baby visit.

I felt like it was just yesterday that the girls turned 1 and here they are, 14 months already. I love watching them grow and learn and they make me smile every day.


  1. Yay for Riley!!! It amazes me that kids can go from not doing something to mastering it in a matter of days!

  2. WTG Riley!! Addie is just like Cohen in their laid back attitudes LOL! She'll get the hang of it soon enough and realize what freedom that brings her :)

  3. So glad to hear about all the progress! And what a great standing photo. - Tkeys