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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun at the Pool

This is the time of year where many Phoenix residents question why they live in Phoenix. When the temperature is 110 degrees outside, you have to find creative ways to navigate around and you often spend your time going from one air conditioned building to another and if you are outside, you are in a pool. In cold weather cities, people don't go out much in the winter and stay in doors and we do the same here in Phoenix during the summer. For the most part, Phoenix is beautiful for about 8-9 months out of the year but June, July, and August are just plain hot and exhausting.

When we were looking for our first house to buy as a couple, I told Jesse that I didn't care where the house was located, It just had to have a pool. We were lucky to find a house in my old neighborhood that is in one of the better school districts and it had a perfect play pool. We were sold.

So now that we have the girls, we plan on spending a lot of time in the pool to relax and teach them about water safety. We put a pool fence up a few months ago and now we feel a little safer although it is hard to feel 100% safe with a pool and children but we plan on keeping a close eye on the girls and keeping the pool gate locked at all times.

On Saturday we got the girls out in the pool for some fun. Before Addison hated to get into the pool. Now we know that she just didn't like cold water. We had been in the pool a few times this year but it hasn't been warm enough to get the temperature to refreshing state. Now the water temperature is perfect and Addie enjoyed every second of being in the pool.

Here are the pictures of our fun:
Me and the girls:

Daddy and Riley

Daddy and Riley sitting on the water fountain

Addie on the water fountain:

Addie floating in her toy:

We had a great time. We wore out the girls, they took a good nap afterwards and then slept for 12 hours that night. I think we might be on to something. :)

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