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Monday, June 7, 2010

Trip Details Part III

We rounded out our trip to San Diego by meeting up with one of my Just Mommies Pumping buddies. Just Mommies is another message board that I frequent and on the members lives in Carlsbad which is right by where my grandmother lives. She has a wonderful 16 month old son named Alex. The girls had fun playing with another baby-toddler. Alex was definitely more experienced and was running all of the place showing us toys.

It was nice to talk to another mom about what we go through and be able to do it in person rather than online. Patty and I got along great.

Here are some pics from the fun.

All the kiddos

Riley taking a bottle break

Addie doing the same

Patty and Alex:

Alex having fun with my flip flop and one of the girls pink sandals. He was impressed with our shoes. LOL

The girls getting to know boy toys:

What is this pink shoe all about???

Riley and Alex:

On the last day of the trip, we met up with Grandma Barb, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Sandy. They came out to our condo and we had lunch from the Fish and Chips place in the harbor. We enjoyed talking and letting the girls meet more of the Haasis family. Here are some pics with Aunt Sandy:
Riley and Aunt Sandy

Addie and Aunt Sandy:

We were sad to see the trip come to a close but we were looking forward to getting back to all the comforts of home. The girls though the suitcases were fun toys to play on so we had to get some pictures:


Addie again:

Next year we hope to go to the San Diego area later in the summer when the weather is better and maybe stay in a different location.

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