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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Physical Therapy and Latest Developmental Assessment

The girls started physical therapy on Wednesday. They will go physical therapy every week until they make up the 25% delay in their gross motor skills. Some of the things that put them behind were lack of standing independently, not much squatting down to pick up toys from a standing position, proper stabilization when standing, and Riley was still army crawling rather than getting up on all fours to crawl.

The first session went well and the girls had fun playing with their therapist. They actually showed off a little bit and where pulling up to standing properly but each girl favors one leg when standing. Riley likes her left leg and Addison favors her right. The therapist wants to work on getting them to use both legs equally. The therapist helped Riley crawl on all fours by pulling up her belly while she crawled. Riley was not to happy about it but it already seems to be working. Riley is now crawling on all fours a majority of the time. She will still army crawl now and then but she knows how to crawl properly.

The therapist will also work on stabilizing the girls' core muscles to help them with standing and walking. We hope very soon they will master their goals and be on their way to walking.

Later that day the girls had another developmental specialist appointment and we received great news. We tested the girls at the 12 month adjusted age mark but they were only just over 11 months adjusted age. We though the girls may score a little low since we were doing the test a month early but they surprised us and scored very high in every category besides gross motor and we already knew they needed a little work in that area. Everything else is completely up to speed and the girls are closing the gap between their adjusted and chronological age. Way to go girls!!!!

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  1. That is all wonderful news! So glad they are doing well, and it sounds like they will catch up in no time. - Tkeys