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Monday, June 14, 2010

My like a single mommy

Jesse went away this weekend on a man vacation. He met up with all of his online friends for a meet-up in Cleveland. I was a tad jealous I can't wait for a big meet up like that with the ladies on my message boards, but I was also jealous since he was able to get away, baby free for 4 days. This left me at home with the girls by myself.

I asked my parents to help a little here and there. On Friday night we met my parents at Olive Garden for dinner. The girls had fun sitting in their travel booster seats in the high top chairs. My dad has an easier time getting up off the high top chairs so we thought we would try and strap the girls into the high chairs and they loved being up high and having their own trays for their food rather than sitting in the traditional high chairs. Riley enjoyed coning grandpa into giving her drinks of water out of his straw and she would not let up. Addison enjoyed bites of Nana's soup. Once food started going on the floor, we knew it was time to head home.
Linda helped me give the girls their bath and get them to bed. Night one was a success.

On Saturday I planned to meet up with my mom and Aunt Diane for her birthday at a Mexican restaurant. Because my Aunt lives on the West side of town, I decided to meet up with Brea for a few hours before our early dinner. I made the 1st mistake of leaving the house before the girls nap to give us a little more time at Brea's house. Normally the girls nap really well in the car and fall asleep very fast. Well this was not the case on Saturday. Both girls screamed for the first 20 minutes of the drive and didn't fall asleep until we only had about 20 minutes left in the ride.

My mistake number 2 consisted of me taking Tylenol PM for my cramps instead of regular Tylenol. I just grabbed the container and didn't really look at what I was taking. About 30 minutes into our drive I started getting really sleeping. I thought this was odd because I got an okay amount of sleep the night before. We did get up at 5:15am but I wasn't that tired. After a few minutes of feeling really funny. I realized I took the wrong pills and I could have kicked myself. I could not be super tired on a day of being busy with the girls. I thought I would have to take a nap at Brea's house, in order to make it. As it turns out, I started to feel better after and hour or so and the Tylenol started wearing off. The girls had fun playing with the Brea's boys. They were having so much fun that Brea and I decided to leave the kids with Brea's husband Chris and run down the street for a quick pedicure.

The girls didn't notice as I slipped out of the house but pretty soon after we left, the figured things out. Riley cried and cried the whole time we were gone. She was over-tired from not really getting a morning nap and didn't have mommy to comfort her or put her to sleep. When we got back form the pedicure. Riley was crying her sad, sad cry and jumped right into my arms. I took her into a quiet area of the house and sat down. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and fell asleep on my chest. She has not fallen asleep on me in a long time, probably since she was still nursing. It was sweet to have her all cuddled up on me. Eventually I moved her into the pack n' play and also got Addison to sleep in Cohen's crib for a little while before we had to leave to meet up with my Aunt and Mom for dinner.

The girls cried the whole way to the restaurant but quickly perked up when we got inside. They enjoyed rice and beans from our plates and a bunch of chicken. We enjoyed a nice dinner until the food started going on the floor again and we knew it was time to leave. I think Riley over ate and she was so full at the end. I felt bad about putting the girls back in the car seats for another 40 minute drive home. They had a big long day and I knew they just wanted to go home take a bath and go to bed. They were pretty good for the 1st 10 minutes into the drive, then the crying began again. Stereo crying for the 3rd time that day was really started to get to me. Then, I started to smell something like stomach acid coming from Riley. I look into my mirror and I see Riley completely covered in vomit. I had trouble telling if she was breathing properly after all that and I almost got off the freeway, but then she started crying again and I knew she was fine. We still had 15 minutes to get home and I kept on driving.

We got home and I had to figure out how to keep Addison occupied while I got Riley out of the car without making an even bigger mess. I felt so bad for my baby that had to sit in her own vomit for 15 minutes. I could tell that she was exhausted, not feeling well, and was ready for bed. I eventually got Riley out of her clothes and into the bath. I got both girls cleaned up and dressed for bed. Then, they decided that it was not bed time since we started the bath routine about an hour early. I had hoped that they would be tired enough to just go to bed, but no such luck.

After an hour of play, and exhausted mommy, and two tired babies, I finally got them to bed.

Sunday went a little better but Riley refused to nap except for a short 30 minute sleep in the car while we were running errands. Addison took great naps, but I didn't get a break or chance to relax because Riley refused to lie down. By the end of this weekend, I was ready to have a break. Coming back to work this morning has given me a chance to sit back and relax a little bit. I never thought that work would be relaxing for me, but after the weekend I had, this is peace and quiet.

Now I am looking forward to Jesse giving me a few breaks now to make up for his relaxing vacation and my nightmare.


  1. I hope Jesse repays the favor! Great job taking care of the girls all weekend!

  2. Wow! That is impressive lady. Great job! It's so stressful to be on your own for several days in a row. But - you did it and survived. Gives me hope. Thanks! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun but challenging weekend...I'm impressed! I know how drained I am after even just a couple of days of single mom duty with 1 baby. Micah loves the food at Olive Garden, too - the minestrone soup is ALWAYS a hit, and he loves to drink water from a straw (or directly from a glass). Who knew water could be so messy!! I hope you get a nice long break sometime soon. - Tkeys

  4. I can't even imagine! But I agree with Kari - I hope Jesse realizes how tough it was and pays you back!!

  5. Ditto to repaying the favor!! If anything that really might change his thought process / how much you do with always getting up first with them, etc. Somedays I find work as a break too.

  6. OMGoooodness, what a busy, rough weekend!!! I can see why work was relaxing! You did such an awesome job though. I think I would have broke down crying around the vomit time LOL.