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Friday, June 26, 2009

2 Months Old

Tummy Time with Daddy
Look...we are having fun

Riley 2 months old

Addison 2 months old
I am so surprised at how fast my little girls are growing. 2 months already, are you kidding me? When people say they grow up fast, they were not kidding. I feel like if I blink my eyes, the girls will be off to Kindergarten before I know it. I just hope I don't blink my eyes for too long.

The girls seem to be doing okay after their shots. They did sleep more, which I thought they would be up and fussy but they just went right to sleep and would only wake up for their feedings. The only sign that they were not feeling well was in the amount of milk they were taking at each feeding. They were not eating the full bottles like they normally do, but as the we got into the afternoon, they picked back up.

We decided to get the girls on the floor today for some tummy time. Addison is real good at holding her head up. She was having fun looking up and pushing off the ground with her feet almost like she was trying to crawl. It was so cute to see her doing that. Riley is not as strong at holding her head up but she did enjoy the tummy time as well. We caught this moment on camera for you all to see.


  1. Awe! They are so cute! Amazing how quickly they have grown.

  2. They look so wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pics! So adorable!!!