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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun with friends

My friend Anne came by to meet the girls. I'm sad to say that we haven't kept in touch this last year and the last she heard I was trying to get pregnant. That was last June and she had no idea we got pregnant and with twins no less. We had a good time talking about the "old" days when we were both single and all the fun things we used to do. Of course I had fun in the old days and sometimes I miss the free life I used to have, but I am so happy that my life has changed for the better. I have a great husband and two beautiful daughters that remind me how sweet life can be.

The only thing I do miss is the ability to just pick up and go whenever I wanted. Anne and I shared a love for traveling and she was telling me about all the trips she had planned this year. She is going to Vegas, back here for Spring Training, Germany later in the year, and lastly Hawaii with her sister. I love to travel but now traveling is going to be a big ordeal. If anyone has any tips on how to get through airports with two infants, let me know. We will be traveling back to Wisconsin for Christmas this year so Jesse's family can meet the girls and I am deathly afraid to fly with two babies and all the "things" we will need to bring for the long week. Life changes and brings new adventures and we live and learn how to adjust our lives. All in all, I am happy about the new changes we have made this year.

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  1. So were the identical shirts planned?? LOL! Very cute pictures and I'm glad you were able to catch's been a while!

    As for traveling advice: SKYCAP SKYCAP SKYCAP! They will be your best friend! Hopefully the girls are still in their bucket seats so you don't have to lug around giant convertible seats. Take the stroller, leave the bases, take a playpen for them to sleep in unless Sarah has one for you to use. Since they will be "lap children"-unless you plan on buying them their own seat-you are only alloted luggage for yourself so pack the diaper bag to last the trip and the first day or so but buy diapers and wipes when you get there. Don't overload yourself with too many toys-I'd say 1-2 per baby. It will be Christmas so I'm sure they will get PLENTY! Ok I'm done rambling now-we can talk more when it gets closer to leaving time :-)