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Saturday, June 20, 2009

You are not a hard core mom until.....

Riley wearing her new pajamas sent by Julie after she got all cleaned up

Riley looking cute before her big "blow out"

Addison napping in her bouncy chair

Addison showing off her big eyes

Double Trouble

Addison in her first ride in her swing

You clean up a blow out diaper that covers your child's entire body. Motherhood is not complete until you have the pleasure of doing one of life's most disgusting things. Riley had completely poo'd through her diaper through her onesie and into her car seat. The funny thing is that she was covered on the front of her body all the way up to her neck and not a drop on her back side. I'm guessing because she was sitting in the car seat, the force was sent to her front rather than her back. As soon as I noticed what a mess she had made, I started laughing rather than getting grossed out. I think it takes a mother to clean up a mess like that without complaining one bit. Riley didn't seem to care either. She wasn't crying to let me know what a mess she made and she didn't make a peep during the whole clean up process. I used the method of pulling down the onesie off the body rather than over her head to avoid getting any poo on her face. I learned this trick from some BTDT (been there, done that) moms. I threw her in the bath and got her cleaned up. I never knew the poor little child could make such a mess, especially when she is only 7 pounds, but boy could she ever, he he he

We are all taking our Thrush medication and hoping that things are improving, but I'm not convinced that the medicine is doing anything at this point. Addison's bum is still pretty red and it hurts her to get her diaper changed and her bum cleaned. Both girls had a rough time with their night time feeding and their mouths seemed to hurt them quite a bit. It took us an hour to calm them down and get them to sleep. I plan to talk to the pediatrician on Tuesday and find out more about the Thrush and more about Addison's reflux. She spit up several times today with some projectile vomit while she was sitting in her swing. She wasn't even swinging and the poor girl shot out her milk about a foot pass her swing. We may need to try another medication at this point.


  1. Oh they are absolutely beautiful!!! You're a super mom:) Hope the thrush clears up soon!

  2. Ahhh yes the infamous blowout diaper. Brady had one of those last week and both Hannah and Ava had those from time to time. May I make a suggestion from a BTDT mom? Make sure the diaper is pulled out all the way around your little one's legs as it will help to keep everything in. As for the diaper rash Addison has there is a prescription cream you can get a script for from your doctor that is way stronger than anything you can get from the store. The name of it escapes me at the moment. Try to let her go diaperless several times throughout the day as air will help heal it up. Oatmeal baths work, too. Blowouts make a huge mess but I find it hard to get upset at someone who is just so cute. Glad you were able to have a sense of humor about it all:) Being a mom will have many moments full of humor where often we are so sleep deprived that we don't know whether to laugh or cry. Hope you find the right med to help Addison's reflux :)

  3. Aw glad some of the clothes fit them

    Isn't it fun? - the girls had daily blowouts when they were on soy (lucky for me Wes and my mom changed the worst ones, and he finds it amusing too)

    Everyone is different but I'll offer what worked for us- for Audrey when she had a horrible diaper rash for awhile we alternated putting coritzone and anti-fungal cream before the regular diaper cream (hers cleared up pretty well)

  4. Oh yes, the blowouts! Somehow, they just get bigger and bigger. When they start happening multiple times a week (or daily) it is usually a sign you are ready to move up to a bigger diaper size). I'm always amazed how they can poo up their armpits and the diaper can be empty sometimes. And watch the poo in the feet - or in their hair!! I hope you figure out the medications. - Tkeys

  5. It is amazing that something that cute can make such a mess! LOL! Hope you are all feeling better soon.