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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Addison's Cardiology follow up Appointment

Addison had her follow up cardiology appointment at 8:30 this morning. The NICU coordinator was nice to make that appointment so early in the freaking morning for me. So needless to say, I was up at 5:45 so I could feed Riley who wanted to eat every hour this morning...I don't know what her deal was but she really didn't want mamma to sleep. Then I had to pump, eat breakfast, shower, get Addison up and dressed, feed Addison and get out the door. Time just flies by when you are trying to get out of the house.
Anyways, Addison was not a happy camper at her appointment. They had to do her blood pressure 3 times to get it right because she would start getting upset and crying right when the machine was ready to be finished. Then they needed an EKG and they also had to do that 3 times because Addison was still and then she would freak out right at the end. They got enough to see that her heart looks okay on that.
Then we were left in the exam room for 30 minutes waiting for the nurse practitioner to come in and examine Addison. During that time, Addison proceeded to spit up her breakfast all over mommy in 3 different spit ups. She was very upset and I could see the acid coming up and she just didn't feel well. I was hating life at that time knowing my little girl didn't feel well and we were having to wait. Finally the nurse practitioner came in and listened to Addison's heart. We talked about upping her heart medication but she didn't quite weigh enough to up the medicine at this visit. We will probably do that in a month.
Now, I am not sure why, but they wanted to send her home with a 24 hour Halter (sp) monitor to see what her heart does in that time period. So she is once again hooked up to leads and wires. I don't know if they heard something weird in her heart or if they just want to see what her heart does in a 24 hour period. I hope all checks out okay when they download the data. I will probably get the results in 4-5 days after I bring the monitor back to the office.
The girls were supposed to have their 2 month Pediatrician appointment today as well but with Addison's monitor and her bad morning, I didn't want to subject her to another visit and the vaccinations that she would have gotten. We reschedule that appointment for tomorrow at 3:15.


  1. Maybe Addison is having a growth spurt. That's usually when/why they want to suddenly nurse so much. I hope all looks well with the 24 hour monitoring.

  2. *HUGS* Some days are like that. I hope today is better. It must be a week for babies spitting up on their moms because Brady's spit up on me twice now. Praying the heart monitoring goes fine and there is nothing wrong