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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots to go over

This has been a busy week for us. I really haven't had time to get online to post on the blog. I just feel like there isn't enough hours in the day. I'm not even that tired, it just feels like the hours go by in warp speed every day. As it gets closer to the time I have to go back to work, the days go by even faster.

As for Addison, she seems to be doing better on the Zantac. Her reflux isn't perfect, but she spits up less and cries less after feedings. I'm glad things are a bit better but I wonder if the Zantac is the answer or if we need to try another drug or a combination of drugs to make things better significantly.

Riley is just happy as a clam. Her disposition is great and she is happy most of the time. She has taken a liking to screaming for 10-15 seconds for no reason at all. I think she thinks it is funny. At least when we pick her up, she normally stops screaming. Addison takes a while to calm down and doesn't quite seem as happy. I'm sure it is the reflux and a combination of our new problem. All three of us girls have Thrush. Jesse noticed white patches in the girls mouths about a week and a half ago, but I was not familiar with thrush so I didn't look into it further until my nipples started getting red and glossy and I started having shooting pains inside the breast. After reviewing symptoms of thrush, I found we had almost every one. Addison is getting a horrible diaper rash and both girls stick out their tongues after eating. We went to the pediatrician to get diagnosed and we are now all on anti-fungal medication and antibiotics to help get rid of the Thrush. So basically Addison has some sort of medication every feeding and now Riley needs to take the drops for the Thrush. It is a difficult schedule of medications to keep track of. I hope we get rid of the Thrush soon so we can just rely on Addison's medication schedule.

On a positive note, the girls are still gaining very well. On the corrected age timeline, the girls are almost a week old. Addison is 7 pounds 7 ounces and Riley is 7 pounds 1 ounce. So they are right on track for "newborn babies". They have outgrown the preemie clothes and some of the newborn clothes are starting to get big on them. Addison is real close to the 0-3 month clothes. I also upgraded the girls to level 1 Dr. Brown's nipples for their bottles. I feel like we have gotten out of that "preemie" stage and we finally get to have newborn babies to take care of. Addison is really good at holding her head up and she is tracking people with her eyes. Riley is working on her neck muscles and watching people with her eyes.

Next week we have the girls' 2 month appointment and a follow up appointment at the cardiologist for Addison. I look forward to 2 more weeks at home with the girls and then the transition back to work begins. Wish me luck!


  1. Aw Amy - i understand about how the days just fly by. Seems like I don't see a day as a 24 hour period, just what I can do in between feedings.

    Hope the thrush goes away for all of you -no fun there. Allie had it but we did a one time fix with some stuff and so far so good.
    Hope their appointments go well!

  2. Almost 2 months already! Boy does the time fly. Hope the thrush goes away soon and that the girls and you are feeling better.

  3. wow i can't believe they are almost 2 months old already! i hope the thrush goes away soon.

  4. I've had a yeast infection on my nipples this ENTIRE time I've been breast feeding. I use Newman's Nipple Cream - it keeps the infection away, but if I stop, it returns. I'm sorry . . . hope it clears up quickly. - Tkeys