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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Fun

The girls all ready for the BBQ

Addison....look at how tiny I am
Riley all dressed up and nowhere to go

Daddy and Riley

Riley in Pink

Mommy holding both girls
Look...we can share a bouncy chair

Riley playing in her bouncy chair

We had a meet and greet BBQ for the family and friends to meet girls. The girls handled their first big event really well. Riley stayed awake for most of the day and Addison slept most of the time. So far tonight, the girls are doing well and they don't seem to be over stimulated which was a big concern of mine after having a house full of people.

Addison's reflux seems to be getting better and she is so good at taking both her heart medication and her Zantac. We have had to use the Maalox and some Tylenol here and there but the Zantac seems to be kicking in to help her feel better. She seems less agitated and more happy.
Riley is my little Gerber baby and is putting on weight all over. She has the cute little chubby cheeks that you just want to pinch.
Now we are just working on letting the girls eat on demand and hoping they might go longer stretches at night so we can all get some extra sleep. I have three weeks left before I go back to work and the time is just flying by too quick. I wish it would just slow down.


  1. It doesn't seem possible that you will be back to work in 3 weeks! It is good to hear that the girlies are adjusting to company.

  2. Sounds like all went well! I'm so glad Addison is handling her meds well. I just can't believe you only have 3 weeks left - it does feel like we should be able to freeze time for a while, doesn't it? - Tess

  3. The girls are just too cute, thanks for posting pic updates and I'm glad things are still going so well.

  4. How cute are they! I lobe those pretty head bows too. I get mine dressed up with no place no go too!