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Monday, September 27, 2010

17 Months

Another month have passed in this warp speed process of the girls growing up. I'm amazed at how slow life used to go prior to having kids and how fast it goes now that we are raising our two beautiful daughters. I was reminded of how much they are growing while I went shopping this weekend. I was shopping for my boss's new daughther and I got to go back into the infant section of the stores. You know, back where you bought clothes by months. After looking at the newborn clothes, I just could not believe that the girls were that small...well actually they were even smaller. They couldn't wear newborn clothes until they were about 2 months old. I picked up a preemie outfit just to remember how tiny they were and I could barely remember them being that small.

Here is a picture of Riley with her first preemie onesie. Her legs were so tiny that she barely filled the leg holes.

I also was reminded that I want to do the preemie onesie drive again this year where I take the onesies to the NICU for Christmas so the new babies have a present. More on that in another post soon.

All the reminising aside, I am so happy to see my girls grow and learn every day. I am happy to report that Addison is walking full time now. This last week, she finally figured it out and she prefers to walk now instead of crawl. She is still a bit unsteady and she will fall here and there but as soon as she falls, she gets right back on her feet. I love watching her follow Riley around. Riley is running all over our house and Addison is trying so hard to keep up with her. I find it comical since Addie is the older sister yet her younger sister started walking first. They both learn things at their own pace and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The girls are still pretty sick. We are calling in antibotics today since they don't seem to be getting any better. Addison seems to be having the worst time. Her nose just keeps running and it is so red and infected. We can't keep up with the snot that girl is producing. I hope that the infection clears up soon. Riley just has a slight running nose but we have kept both girls on rounds of Benedryl and Tylenol - generic of course. We hope the antibiotics will do the trick and the girls will be back to normal soon.

Happy 17 months girls!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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  1. Yay for walkers/runners! I hope you will post a video of them soon. Happy 17th months! Mom and Dad have done a great job!