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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Developmental Assesment

The girls were seen on Monday to have their development tested. I am happy to report that the girls are doing many skills at or around their chronological age. We are no longer talking about their adjusted age when determining the skills they should be doing. Both scored closer to 18 months with their language and personal social skills. They were right on with their fine motor skills but we can work on having them stack small objects on top of each other. The therapist recommended using 1 inch blocks and having the girls stack those 2-3 blocks high. The could put on block on top of another but they didn't do it very gently and going up another block would have caused the tower to fall. The girls are just learning the finesse with their hands and the ability to use the fingers to manipulate the objects rather than slamming everything together.

Addison still needs some work on her gross motor skills, ie. walking. Addison can walk...she just chooses not to. She has walked across the physical therapy room several times but she would prefer to crawl if you let her. The therapist recommended buying her high top shoes that have a little arch support to help her little feet. She watched Addison walk barefoot and she could tell that Addison was using her toes a lot to stabilize herself which really slows down her walking. The hard sole shoes can help stabilize her feet more and allow her to walk more easily.

This will be their last assessment since our therapist is leaving Phoenix Children's Hospital. She going off to work on her own so we may see her another time but we would have to be private pay and bill our own insurance which may be a mess to get through.

I am just happy to see the girls catch up to their peers and work on progressing like normal 16 month old toddlers.


  1. Way to go girls! I am so happy that they are moving forward and catching right up.