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Monday, September 13, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We had such a good time on our Disneyland get away with the girls. I was so impressed at how well the girls handled the change to their routine and how much they enjoyed the whole experience. Disneyland is such a magical place and I was so happy to be able to take my girls to experience it all for themselves.

The trip started out on Thursday evening. We didn't get on the road until about 5pm which is just about dinner time for the girls. They ate their dinner in the car and settled in for the long ride. We got some happy pictures of the girls in their car seats all covered in their blankets.

After about an hour, the girls started getting tired and they didn't seem to understand why they were stuck in their car seats rather than taking their baths and getting ready for bed. We had a couple of melt-downs before the girls cried themselves to sleep. They slept most of the 1st leg of the trip until we stopped for a bite to eat in Blythe. The girls were able to get out of the car, stretch their legs and play for a bit while the adults got some dinner. Then it was back on the road we went. The girls fell back to sleep better this time after we put them in their pajamas.

We made it into the Disneyland area around 11:00pm my dad's GPS took us to the wrong spot that was nowhere near the hotel. We had to drive around in circles for a while but we finally found the hotel. The girls woke up as we started unpacking. I think they were very confused as to what was going on but they did pretty well considering everything we were putting them through. We got their pack n' plays set up and were able to put them back to sleep pretty easily.

They girls slept until around 8am which allowed the rest of us to get a little sleep before we went off into the park. We all got ready and strolled down to the entrance of Disneyland:

As we were walking through the gates, I was overcome with emotion. Disneyland holds so many memories for me as a kid and I was so excited to see my girls experience the Disneyland magic. The girls had so much to look at and they loved every second of it.

Our first stop was into Toon Town and we got some pictures of the girls on a trolley and playing around.

Then we found Goofy's garden and the girls had a blast going through his garden house and playing on the equipment in the garden. This part of the park was perfect for toddlers that may not want to wait in line for rides. They were able to get out of the strollers and climb all over everything.

The girls played on Goofy's piano:

Riley sat with Nana on Goofy's chair

Addison on Goofy's Chair

And they climbed onto the pumpkin out in the Garden

Riley relaxed with Sara on Goofy's couch:

And they played in the tunnels:

We all had so much fun and they girls got tired after a while. The hotel was just right across the street and it was easy to go back and forth to allow the girls to rest.

On the first evening we bought the girls their Minnie Ears and got their names embroidered on the backs as a Disneyland tradition. The girls didn't like wearing their hats. As soon as we put them on, they took them off. It was hilarious trying to get pictures before they could pull the hats off. As the night wore on, we put jackets on the girls to keep them warm and we put their hoods on. We then decided to put their hats back on on the girls loved that. They didn't want to take the hats off at all if they had the hoods on first. It was so cute to see them run around with those hats on being silly. Riley was running off making friends with people and being a goof ball.

And Addison was giving us the biggest smiles, they both melted my heart.

The next day we got off to a late start. It was my dad's birthday so we let him rest and take his time before going into the park. We didn't spend as much time on rides on the 2nd day. My dad and I ate together while Linda Sara took the girls on a few rides.

Linda and Riley

Sara and Addie

Dad and Linda

me and Riley at the end of the 2nd night:

The girls did much better than we expected with all of the disruption to their schedule. They played hard and slept hard. They did even better on the ride home with little crying on the 6 hour trip.

We stopped to eat lunch and we got pictures of the girls in their "1" thing "2" thing shirts my dad bought them.

Overall it was a great family vacation and we hope to bring the girls back in a year or so when they are bigger and can experience more. We will stay at the Disneyland Hotel this next time to give the girls the whole big experience.


  1. Wow - a huge congrats on such a successful trip. It is scary to go on an adventure like that when you honestly have no clue how they will respond, it they will sleep, etc. It looks like you had awesome help and I think that is key. I am so glad they slept so well. We took the girls to a hotel at about 6 months old and it went absolutely horrible. We didn't sleep at all and it was after a wedding dance so you can imagine how tired we were. We are thinking we are getting brave enough to try it again soon and now you have given me new hope!! :-)

  2. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait for the day we bring the babies to Disney!