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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest Professional Phots

We took the girls in for some new professional pictures. I had wanted to get them done around the 15 month mark but things slipped away from us. The girls are now 16 months and they have grown so much since the last pictures taken on their birthday. I was a little upset with JC Penney's because they used to allow you to post the digital copies of the photos to facebook and the blog but now they no longer allow this. I was extremely frustrated about this new change to their policies and I'm not sure if I will go back. Luckily my dad was able to capture the images so I could at least post them on the blog. I keep the blog as the girls' baby book instead of doing a traditional book so I need a photographer or a photography place that offers the digital copies regardless of what I purchase. I alwasys spent around $80-90 each session so why can't they humor me with the digital copies???

Riley had a large bump and bruise on her forehead but you really can't see it. Both girls are going through an awkward hair phase. The hair on the top of their head seems to grow much slower than the hair on the back of their head, giving them a mullet type of look. I think I may cut their hair to give everything a chance to even out....I just haven't decided yet. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Riley has more bangs than Addison...Addie takes after her dad with her hair line but she does have little hairs in front that my grow in later.

Here are the photos, keep in mind they are not the best quality because they were captured from the online album so they have lost some of the luster.

Addison and Mommy

Riley and Mommy




  1. Love the new pics! It is amazing that they are this big already!

  2. My girls have always had lots of hair.... but I can tell you this - Kirra got "new growth" in the front. All of a sudden at 19 months. People say its new growth she looked like she had a mini mow-hawk in my opinion for a bit. I am sure Addie will have the same real soon. :) Now it looks like I cut Kirra some bangs. Your pics are adorable!!! So cute! Baili's hair used to stick straight up for over a yr. now its long and straight and silky. Their hair changes so fast. :)

  3. Aw, I like the pics! (But yeah, that's not good they won't give you the online copies.) We just had our first "pro" shoot (not pennys or sears) and it does cost more esp not getting as many prints but hubby loves the fact they'll come to you. Lazy, isn't he?

    Cute dresses, though - where did you find those? We have more problems with their bangs growing too fast so I just cut it. They pull barrettes out too quickly.

  4. Jamie ~ Jesse was grading papers and swamped with school stuff. It was just a mom and me shoot for the girls.

    Julie ~ We got the dresses from Gymboree. Their great grandmother bought them online I believe.