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Friday, September 24, 2010

GTKM - Get To Know Me

Here is a little get to know me question and answer post. This was inspired by "Cuz I'm the Mama" at Twenty Fingers and Twenty Toes . She has the two cutest little twin girls and I enjoy reading her blog and learning all about her family. You know us multiple mom's have to stick together and we always get a little therapy from reading about the trials and triumphs of raising twins. She tagged me and asked me to answer these questions:

1.) What is your favorite day of the week and why?
My favorite day of the week is Saturday, more specifically Saturday morning. During the week I don't get to see my girls in the morning since I leave for work a little before 5am. And baring any craziness out of the girls, they are not up that early to say goodbye to me. On Saturday, I get to sleep in a little bit and then I get to get my girls up for the day and we have quiet time together since daddy always gets to sleep in. I Cherish that special time we have together and the girls are normally their happiest in the mornings.

2.) Name one way you hope your child is like you and one way they are different from you?
I hope that my girls follow my love of sports. I'm hoping they enjoy gymnastics, volleyball and basketball like their mom does. Jesse I both hope they enjoy watching football and they can root for the Redskins like we do.
I hope that they don't need too much organization in their lives. I am very Type A personality and I have to have things a certain way. I tend to freak out a bit (understatement) if things don't go the way I planned. I guess this somewhat of a good trait when you are raising multiples because you need schedules and structure but if things go off course, I tend to lose it. I just hope my girls are a little more laid back like their daddy.

3.) If you could vacation anywhere where would it be??
I would probably have to say some private island somewhere. I would like to get further out of the country. We have been to Mexico but I would like to go somewhere half way around the world and enjoy a private beach or hut on the water. Mmmm..heaven.
4.) What was your favorite splurge pre-baby?
Watching TV was probably my major splurge. I used to keep up on all the bad reality and girly TV shows. Now I barely get any time to watch TV. That is good because my days are filled with my girls interests and I love that.

5.) Who is your celebrity crush right now?
If we are going on hotness alone I would have to say Tatum Channing is very yummy. I first noticed him in the movie Step up but he has done several movies since then and I could take me some Tatum Channing any day.

6.) If a babysitter magically showed up at your door and you had 10 minutes to change and get out the door ... where would you and your significant other go for a fun evening??
If we are talking fun, Jesse and I would go out and play sand volleyball. Volleyball was one of our favorite things to do pre-kids. We played in several sand volleyball leagues and we had a blast and met so many nice friends that we really don't keep in contact with now.

7.) Do people ever question why you blog?
Not really, people understand this is my way of doing a baby book for the girls along with some therapy while raising twin girls. I don't want to forget these moments so if I blog, I can look back to pictures and what we were doing years from now.
8.) What color do you think looks best on YOU!!
I have to say I look good in either black or white. I am so very plain people tell me. I like white because it brings out my dark hair and eyes and black because it is so slimming.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for playing along!! So fun to learn more about you. :-)