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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sickness Update

I saw my doctor yesterday and It looks like I have a nasty sinus infection. I was given antibiotics and some nasal spray to help me get better. Today I actually feel better than I have in the last 10 days. This is good because I have my gymnastics class to teach tonight and I want to be feeling better so I can keep up with my toddlers in the class.

I also took the girls into their doctor yesterday to have them checked. Addie was starting to show the signs of the cold too so I wanted them both checked out. Addie had a temp of about 100 at the appointment but that my be from the teething she is doing. She is working on her top premolars while Riley is working on her bottom premolars. The doctor was not convinced that they actually had an infection. He said they may just have a stuffy nose and nasal drainage at this point. He wanted to see how they did during the week and for us to call back at the end of the week if they had not improved and he would get them going on Antibiotics then. I agree that I don't want them on antibiotics if they don't need them.

Wish us luck that we all get better here soon.

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  1. OH...i hope everyone is feeling well. That is NO fun! :(

    Hey .. for some fun .. I tagged you on my blog today!! Happy weekend!