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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blood Test Day

My blood test was set for first thing the morning. I was a bundle of nerves. I knew it would be positive but I was hoping for a high number. The blood test measures the amount HCG hormone in the blood. Once the baby implants, he or she starts producing the hormone and the hormone doubles every 24-48 hours. A home pregnancy test can detect an HCG level of 25. So I knew our number would be at least 100 or so.

At the office I had my blood drawn and told my nurse Jennifer that we did have a positive pregnancy test. She was very excited for us and surprised it worked on the first try, and so were we! She told me she would call me with the results in 2 hours.

I waited by the phone, but forgot the phone was on vibrate and I missed the call. I listened to my message and Jennifer said I was "good and very pregnant". OMG, what does that mean. So I call back and she tells me my beta number was 264. I did some more research and that high of a number can be an indication of twins; However, beta numbers are not a direct indication of twins, but it can be a small indication.

The Dr. wants me to come back every other day to see if the numbers are doubling correctly. I go back Thursday and probably again on Monday. Once our numbers get to 1500, they will stop the blood tests, wait one week, and then we will have our first sonogram. At that point we should be able to see the heartbeat and tell if we have 1 or 2 babies in there!!!!

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