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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ultrasound Update

Today was our first ultrasound. After having to wait an extra week because our Dr. had emergency surgery it is finally time to find out if we have 1 healthy heartbeat or 2.

We slept in and Sara stayed the night at our house so she could go with us. At the appointment I was very nervous, but very excited to see the baby(s). We got the appointment early but luckily, they took us back right away. I don't think I could stand anymore waiting. The Dr. came into the room and we got started right away.

He inserted the ultrasound probe and I saw a baby sac right away. Then he moved the probe and I thought we were seeing another angle of the sac, but it was actually a second sac!!!! We are having TWINS!!!! OMG there are two babies in there. Sara was holding my hand and as soon as the Dr. said twins, we both started crying. I think the color ran out of Jesse's face and he really didn't say much. I was crying so much the Dr. had to tell me to try and calm down because he couldn't get a picture of the moving target. LOL

The doctor did all of his measurements and the babies were measuring right on track. 1 baby was measuring a day behind the other but that is okay at this point. We got to see the heartbeats and actually listen to them as well. Both babies are healthy at this point and we got to take some pictures home with us.

We called the family right after we left the building. Grandpa was first and he already thought we were having twins. He was so thrilled for us. Sara called mom to tell her and then I made a bunch of calls to friends.

Overall, we are very blessed to have two healthy babies!!!

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