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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Day With Family

Sunday is always a nice day of rest. I finally got caught up on some of my sleep, but I am still having a little trouble sleeping through the night. I wake up more often, not to pee yet, but I need to move positions. When I move too quick, I get a sharp pain and have to move more slowly. My abdomen is starting to feel tight and it doesn't like to be stretched during the night.

Today my little sister Sara came in for a visit. She is living in Fort Collins, CO right now. She is down for a week to visit family. Her 20th birthday is next week and this was her present to herself. I'm glad to see her and talk about baby stuff with her. She is going to be a fantastic aunt.
Sara and I went with mom over to Grandma Jean's house for a weekend visit. Aunt Jennie was also there. We looked at pictures of their Hawaii trip and talked about baby stuff. It is so nice to be around family when you are expecting.

I finished my homework early this week so I feel a little less stress; However I will be doubling my classes for the next two weeks in order to have the week off during our Thanksgiving Disneyland trip. 6 more weeks to go and I will have a little break from school.

Jesse started making room in the office to turn it into the baby's room. He got rid of an old dresser and now I need to go through all of the old clothes and things and see what I can sell or donate. I'm excited to start getting the nursery ready. I have picked out the crib, changing table, and bedding. All we need to know is if we are having a boy or a girl

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