Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG it is TWINS!!!

After waking up this morning, I started to realize what having twins really meant. We now have to buy two of many items and go through double the diapers. An average newborn goes through 8-10 diapers a day times that by 2 and we are almost going through a bag of diapers a day. Whoa nelly!!!

I started reading up on websites for multiple births and learning as much as I can. My belly is growing at a rapid rate and I already look like I am 3 months pregnant when I am not even 2 months pregnant yet. The good news is I still feel great. I'm tired every day but I really haven't been too sick. I get a little sick at night but I don't throw up. I really enjoy eating cereal as that is the only thing that sounds good to my tummy most of the time.

We have told most of the family and friends and everyone is being very supportive. I am getting advice and asking as many questions as I can. Jesse is excited but scared about how we are going to make it. I told him God wouldn't give us two babies if he didn't think we could take care of them. I know we will be fine and our family will be there to help. Sara is going to move in with us and help after the babies are born. We are trying to get her to stay for 1 year if she can.

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