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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Day of Exhaustion

Today has been a rough day. I am experiencing the complete and total exhaustion that pregnancy can do to a woman. I went to bed at my normal time, slept well, and woke up fairly easy. After getting to work, I couldn't keep my eyes open or keep from yawning. I tried my best to work and try and get my body going. I didn't have any luck and had to go home after 5 hours of work. I took a two hour nap and still felt just as tired. I think I will have to start going in to work later, as I currently work at 5 am. If I move my schedule back to 6 am, I may do better with an additional hour of sleep. That means less overtime at work, but a happier mama.

Once the fatigue finally wore off and I got my second wind I decided to go do some shopping. I do not fit into my work pants anymore because they were already tight before the pregnancy. I don't like the maternity work pants so I bought some nice pants at New York Co. that were a size or two bigger that way I could grow into them and use a Bella band to increase the waist size as I get bigger.

I did go into Motherhood Maternity and buy two pairs of work pants for when I get really big and bought a very cute maternity shirt. I tried the shirt on with the strap on belly to see what I would look like. I think I will look pretty cute, but I fear gaining too much weight. I want to stay active, go on walks, and do pregnancy yoga to stay in shape, yet still give the baby what he or she needs.

So all in all, the rough day ended in some fun shopping and I was pleased to start shopping for maternity clothes. I just hope I didn't jump the gun.

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