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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, October 26, 2009

6 Months

I can't believe my babies are 6 months already. It seems like yesterday that I was stuck on bed rest making my home in the hospital waiting to meet our little blessings. I couldn't even imagine what life was going to be like, but I was so happy to start adding to our family times 2. Addison and Riley are such good babies and they are growing and doing new things every day. I only wish time would slow down just a little bit so I can enjoy their baby days a little more.

Here are the girls' 6 month photos. We did a fall/Halloween theme as well as cute pictures in their dresses. Riley didn't want to give us many smiles. We had to work hard to get the few we got. Addison was having a great time sticking out her tongue in many of the shots. We had a great time at the shoot.

Both Girls

Smiling babies

Mommy and her Girls



Forever Twins
Always Sisters


  1. They just keep getting more adorable!!!

  2. Seriously Amy, SERIOUSLY! They are just perfect:)

  3. They are getting so big!! They are such beautiful girls Amy!

  4. adorable!!! i can't believe they are 6 months already!!