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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick Babies

So this past week was rough with the girls and they were acting real fussy and I thought maybe they were teething. After I bought the teething rings, they seemed a little better and they both seemed to like to bite and suck on the rings but then they started pulling on their ears and crying during feedings so I took them into the pediatrician.

We found out they both have ear infections in their left ears. Jesse had a real bad ear infection the week before and now the girls have them also. They aren't feeling well and they just want to be held and rocked all day long. We got some antibiotics to give them and we are hoping they start feeling better soon. They don't really like the taste of the pink amoxicillin so we may have to get creative in order to get the medicine down.

On a side note, they weighed in at 13 pounds 5 ounces for Addison and 13 pounds 2 ounces for Riley. I also talked to the pediatrician about when to start solids. She advised us to go off of their adjusted age rather than their chronological age. So when they turn 6 months old later this month they will really be only 4 months old adjusted so we can still put solids off for another couple of months as long as they seemed satisfied with just their milk. They don't seem to be giving us any other cues that they are ready to try food yet so we will continue with the same feeding routine for now.

Jesse and I are finishing the last week of our classes and I will have a week break before going into my next class and Jesse will start his next class right away. My last week is pretty light so I feel as though I really have about 2 weeks away from the grind of my classes. Woohoo

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  1. Just went through the same thing with Micah - those ear infections are no fun. He really felt MUCH better within 48 hours. - Tkeys