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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catching up

It has been a few days since I got on here to update. I've wanted to add some pictures to the blog before I did an update so it took me this long to get the pictures uploaded. In a new development, both girls appear to be starting to teethe. Riley has been real drooly and has wanted to chew on anything she can get in her mouth. She has also been more fussy so I checked her mouth and I can see the start of little teeth under her gums. So I ran right out to Babies R Us to get her some teething rings. She really seems to like them. She will hold on the rings and put them in her mouth her self which is really nice.

Addison has also been fussy so I checked mouth as well and it looks like she is also working on some teeth. Jesse put the teething ring in her mouth and see seemed to like it. Addison is not as coordinated so she doesn't hold the ring in her mouth herself so we are helping her to hold the ring. Also Addison is consistently rolling over from belly to back. She did this for both of her Grandmothers this week. First my mom was at the house on Monday and we put Addison on the play mat and right away she rolled over. I quickly grabbed the camera and we put her back on her belly and she rolled over again. I though I was getting the event on video but it turns out I didn't have the camera on video mode so I missed it. :( A few days later Nana Linda was playing with the girls and I told her that Addison was rolling over all the time so she quickly set Addison down on her mat and she rolled over right away. Addison completed the trick but she didn't seem to be too happy to be put down and cried until Nana Linda picked her up. Those girls have their grandmothers wrapped around their fingers and the grandmothers are so happy to spoil them rotten!

We are also working on Riley rolling over but she seems to get stuck at the last minute and can't get all the way over. She gets mad and upset when she can't get all the way over. It is pretty cute so we help her get her arm under her so she can finish the roll. She should have the hang of it here soon. Riley is also doing really well at grabbing onto the toys above her bouncy chair. I clipped a new toy to the arch and it is a little bug that you pull the toy and it stretches out and when you let go, it curls back up, and vibrates as it curls up. Riley has figured this out so she is constantly pulling on the toy to get the bugs legs in her mouth and then she lets it go and gets excited when it vibrates. I'm going to get a picture of this soon so you all can see.

We have an exciting weekend planned. The little girl next door is turning 3 and we are going to her party. Little Elisa just loves coming over to visit the girls and she is excited that we will be coming over for her party. Then on Sunday it is a double birthday party for Brea's sons Braedon and Cohen. Cohen is turning 1 and Braedon is 6. We are looking forward to celebrating with the boys and hanging out with Brea's family and friends especially since the weather is supposed to be getting a little cooler.

For now, here are some pictures I have taken for the girls 5 month mark:

Both girls at Grandma Margaret's House

Playing with their toys

Riley's favorite thing to do now

Daddy getting Riley ready for the game.
You can see how small the girls are still compared to the football

Riley on the playmat

Happy 5 months
Twins Rock!


Addison being goofy


  1. They are beautiful Amy!
    Before reading the caption under Riley and the football, I'm like sheesh they are still so tiny, and was wondering if that was a true football or maybe a blow up one or something. Then read the caption and was like yep its a real football. How darling!

  2. It is so cool to watch them grow! I remember thinking one minute how tiny Micah still was, and now it is hard to remember him being so tiny. They will be taking off before you know it! The rolling is fun. I used to put Micah's arms underneath him to help him roll over in the beginning, and there are ways you can work with them on rolling back to belly, too. When he was really little (starting around 5 weeks) he'd roll over by using the weight of his head - he would push up, bend his head sideways and gravity would flip him over.

    All I know is that right at 6 months, Micah suddenly discovered that rolling was a mode of transportation. He had been rolling belly to back forever, and he had rolled back to belly a few times, but one day, he just took off and started stringing them together. Be warned - the little ones tend to take off faster!

    Also, YAY for teeth! Frozen bagels make for good teething rings, and make sure you have Tylenol on hand when they get super fussy (and if it starts waking them up during the night). We STILL don't have any teeth yet - I've seen them bubbling below the surface since he was 4 months old, but they just don't want to pop through, so I don't have much advice to give on that front.
    - Tkeys

  3. Wow, I cant believe how big their getting!! I love the pic with the football!!! I am glad they are doing so great!!!