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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lots to do...

Jesse has lots to do to prepare for his first day as a teacher. He has to get up to speed on the curriculum that the school is teaching. He is reading the first book the class is learning about which is Animal Farm. To make matters worse, he came down with the flu or something similar starting on Friday. He had a temperature of almost 101 on Saturday and I knew he needed to rest and try and work on his reading so I decided to take the girls away to my mom's house. This way he could relax and he could avoid contact with the girls because they just got over their ear infections. Luckily, I haven't been feeling sick and the girls seem to be doing just fine.

My mom and I enjoyed a girls day out and all four of us went shopping. We had some things to pick up at Walmart and then we headed out to Kohl's. I bought the girls some fall clothes and winter clothes to take on our trip to Wisconsin. I find it ironic to be buying long sleeves, pants, and jackets when it is still 100 degrees here in Phoenix. We had a cool down the week before where the highs were in the 80's and lows in the 50's but this week, the highs jumped back up to the high 90's and yesterday it was over 100 degrees. As it started to get hot, we decided to head over to the mall. I have not taken the girls to the mall yet and they had a blast. Of course, they were a hit in the mall. All of the mom's and kids thought the girls were just soooo cute. We spent most of the day answering questions like "Oh how old are they" and "Are they identical". "Are you sure because they look identical". The girls loved the attention and smiled at everyone. They loved watching the escalator and the riding in the elevator. I even got a chance to buy a nice winter coat at New York and Company. I have wanted one of these pea coats for a while and I only need to wear a coat for a few weeks out of the year here in Arizona but I know I will use it in Wisconsin so I splurged at got the coat for 30% off. That is what Arizona retailers have to do in order to sell coats with the very mild winter we have here.

I managed to keep the girls out all day and Jesse started feeling a little better by the time we came home. The girls were wore out so we gave them a bath and they went to sleep and slept 13 hours each. I just love how happy the girls are in the morning. They don't wake up crying anymore, the just wake up and talk to their mobiles and they have a big smile on their faces when I go into the nursery to pick them up. I enjoy my days off work where I can see them in the morning when they wake up.

All in all it has been a nice weekend. I don't start my new class until Tuesday so I have enjoyed my week break from the grind. I got my final grade back on my health care ethics class and I earned an "A", thanks to my girls from the SK board who had some great input on my assisted reproduction debate paper. My team earned a great score and I finished the course with input on how infertility can affect the lives of many.

We are all wishing Jesse good luck on his first week as a high school teacher. He is nervous but very excited to finally be doing what he has worked so hard to become. Sara is leaving for a week vacation to Chicago for her 21st birthday so we will be having both my mom's helping out to watch the girls and I will take Friday off since we don't have any help that day. The girls and I will go up to Jesse's school and see his class and maybe meet some of his students.

I wanted to also give some congratulations to some of my online friends. Kari, the woman who had the quads is able to take all 4 babies home and I am so excited for her life as a mommy to 4 babies to begin at home officially. Congrats Kari, Ben, and the Quads. Also another special friend is pregnant after losing her baby shortly after she was born in May. My heart is filled with joy as she has conceived her rainbow baby. Infertility is rough and I am always happy to see my online friends find happiness. I hope to see many more of my friends conceive over the next few months.


  1. Perfect post, Amy!!!

    I had tears in my eyes reading it :)

    Good luck Jesse!!! Enjoy your first week at school! (BTW Animal Farm is AWESOME! One of my favorite books for sure!).

    I'm glad the girls enjoyed the mall - what a nice outing to do with your Mom, Amy.

    And yes, HUGE congrats to both K and A from SK. Two very incredibly deserving Mommys.

  2. Sounds like everything is going so well!! I just wanted to wish Jesse luck tomorrow! - Tkeys