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Friday, October 30, 2009

Meeting with our home nurse

We finally saw the home nurse that visited us right after the girls were home. I really like her personality and we share some of the same beliefs about waiting for solids and raising happy babies. The reason for her visit was to do the 4mo adjusted age screen just like the developmental specialist completed for the girls on Saturday. And this time we got a much better report. So either our week of tummy time and working with the girls has paid off or the girls just scored better this time. Addison was not behind on any of her skills this time. She does need a little more work on her fine motor skills and problem solving but she was not as behind as the last report indicated. Her eyes seemed to focus on things much better during the evaluation than she did on Saturday.

The nurse also indicated that a few of their skills were more at the level of a 6 month old baby. Riley is starting to put letters together and say things like "ma" "ba" "da". Well she actually yells those sounds, but at least she is learning. Both babies like to put their feet in the air and play with them which is more a 6 month skill. So her assessment was not as dire as the first assessment. She still said it was a good idea to get Addison's eye screening and to let the Early Intervention Group evaluate Addison and maybe get her some therapy. But overall, she was very pleased at their growth and development. I also got more kudos for continuing to breast feed and pump 100% of their nutrition. I've made it through 6 months and I know going 6 more months will be manageable. I would still like to sleep 8 or 9 hours at night without pumping or waking up engorged, but I will need to wait until spring before that will happen.

Tonight we will be celebrating Halloween at the hospital with their annual NICU Spooktacular. We get to go back and see all the doctors and nurses that took such good care of our babies after they were born. The girls will be wearing their Halloween onesies and with little beanies that say Boo on them. The girls are a little young for Halloween this year, but we should have a fun time at the party.

Happy Halloween to all!!!

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  1. So glad they are hitting their milestones! Enjoy the party!