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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Girls 6 month Doctor Visit



Height - 25" 10 %ile
Weight- 14lbs 2.5oz 10-20%ile
Head Circ - 17" 75%ile


Height - 24.5 5-1%ile
Weight - 14lbs 10-20%ile
Head Circ - 17" 75%ile

So the girls are catching up on height and weight and they have very nice size heads. We got the referral for Addison to go to the opthomologist so we can get her eyes checked out. Dr. W agreed that we should wait until the girls are 6mo adjusted age to start solids so that will be a week before Christmas. So far they are growing great on mommy's milk. Dr. W as so proud of me for continuing to pump and breast feed without supplementing with any formula.

They got their shots, 3 pokes and 1 oral vaccine. As usually it was a loud crying fest until we got both girls calmed down. Then they fell asleep on the ride how and were their happy selves again once they woke up. We gave them a little Tylenol just in case. Their 9mo visit will be in the end of January.

Addison saw the Arizona Early Intervention coordinator today and she didn't do an assessment since she just had one on Saturday but since she was born before 34 weeks she qualifies for the program. So we will have a full assessment done by two therapists here in the next week with a treatment plan on how to help Addison get up to speed on her development. I am happy to know we will have a plan.

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  1. I admire you for being able to supply all of their milk. It is an amazing feat!