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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Pictures

We are still having trouble with one of our laptops but I figured out how to download the pictures onto our old laptop using a old program. The girls have grown so much over the last few weeks that I had to get some new pictures up ASAP.

We were supposed to have a visit from our home nurse today but she called me saying she was sick and didn't want to risk getting the girls sick so we rescheduled for next Thursday. By then we will have the appointment with the developmental specialist and the 6 month well baby visits at the pediatrician.

So here are some recent pictures.

Both girls relaxing in their bouncies. Addison left Riley Right

Sweet Riley Smile

Addison keeping busy

Riley wearing Sara's sunglasses

More Riley Smiles

Addison left, Riley Right

Riley Left, Addison Right
Taken from Braedon and Cohen's birthday party

Addison at Elisa's Birthday Party

Riley ready for Elisa's birthday party
Sitting with Aunt Sara

Goofy Riley

Goofy Addison


  1. Oh my gosh!! I love those outfits in the first one and look at Riley! The camera LOVES her! They are getting so big!

  2. OMG, thanks for the close-ups!! They are gorgeous, A!!!!! I can see Riley's little personality starting to bloom! You better watch her! She reminds me of Pen! Jesse better get his gun handy! Those boys are going to be beating down the door trying to get to the Prather Twins!! Give them a big huggles from Aunt T! :)

  3. They ARE getting so big, so adorable Amy, you must be so proud! Whats going on with our Skins??? I feel like Monday night is going to be a debacle:( Oh well, HAIL!

  4. Oh my they are growing up quick!!!! Holy smokes! they are so beautiful, Amy. You should be so proud! :)

    They have great clothes, too! :) so cute!

  5. Look how grown up they are getting! Thanks for sharing. - Tkeys