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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice Weather

The weather here in Phoenix has finally changed into fall...or at least what Phoenix considers fall. Our highs are now in the high 80's and the lows are in the 50's. Now we can finally take the girls outside and enjoy the weather. The girls have been on several walks in their side by side double stroller. They really enjoy being outdoors but they really hate the sun in their faces. They haven't had much exposure to the sun and the outdoors because it has been over 100 degrees out side since they were born. Sara took them to the park and got this shot of them enjoying their outing:
Addison is on the left and Riley is on the right
Going for walks has given us another thing to keep the occupied and happy. They seem to love to be out of the house and they like being able to look at different things rather than the same old stuff they see in the house. Nana Linda took them for an hour walk yesterday and they even fell asleep in the stroller for a little while. This was odd for me because if I am home, the girls are with me. Jesse has had some free time at home alone when I have taken the girls away for a few hours but this was the first time I had free time in the house. It was a strange reminder of what life used to be like before we had kids. The quiet was almost eerie though. I started to miss the girls after they had been gone for 20 minutes. I was able to get a bunch of chores done though and I felt refreshed by the time they returned from the walk. The next 9 months are the reason why we live in Arizona because the weather is so mild during the fall and winter months so we plan to be outdoors as much as possible.


  1. aww that's awesome! Going for walks is so fun - one of my favorite things to do! I can't wait to do that with my little one. Enjoy every second of it! I'm sure the girls will!!!

    80 during the day - yikes! We barely get that in the summer!!! :) hehe!!!

  2. Aw cute pic!

    Just as we're getting into the icky weather :P I think it's rained 5 or so inches the past day. The girls love their walks too but guess we'll be stuck doing those at the mall soon.