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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots to little time.

I had all good intentions of getting on the blog and updating everyone on how Jesse's first days have been going as a teacher, but the days get away from me. I find myself thinking of the things I wanted to say in the blog when my head is on the pillow and I'm falling asleep after another busy day. Work for me has picked up and I don't have as much free time during the day to post like I used to. Even with the week break from class, I found myself struggling to make time to blog and chat with my online mommies.

So back to Jesse...He has enjoyed teaching his classes. I think he finally feels fulfilled in his life with being able to shape and mold young minds. He is already making a difference with some of his football players. One in particular is very thankful that Jesse believed in him and has helped him to perform better on the field. In the classroom he is getting to know his students and he is working to be one step ahead of the kids in the curriculum. He is seeing how much work goes into being a teacher but he says he enjoys the work rather than dreading the pressure like he did in his previous jobs. He is still taking his masters classes which is a bit much to have on his plate, but he seems to be making ends meet. I wish I had him home a little earlier to help with the girls but for now we are making the adjustments necessary to get by.

Sara left for Chicago today for her 21st birthday weekend with her friends. We are so glad she gets to enjoy a week off from the girls. We have help from Linda and my mom to watch the girls. On Friday I am taking the day off to watch the girls are we are going up to Jesse's classroom at lunch to see him in action and bring him lunch. Then I am taking the girls over to Brea's house so we can go car seat shopping. The girls are still fine in their infant seats but there are some sales on some convertible seats and we may go ahead and purchase the next stage seats for the girls.

I started my new class on Tuesday, "Health Care Operations Management" and the material is not difficult but the instructor is asking for more than some of my previous classes. I will need to focus on using my breaks at work to get most of my class work done since the girls don't let me have much time at home to study and complete my papers.

Tomorrow we have the home nurse coming to visit with the girls. I plan to talk to her about their progress and when we should think about starting solids. I would prefer to wait as long as possible but I want to get her opinion as well. On Saturday we are having the developmental specialist visiting us since we missed the appointment 2 weeks ago. I should have plenty to report after these visits.

This weekend we are taking the girls to get their 6 month pictures done. Yes, I said 6 month pictures. I still can't believe how fast they are growing up and they will be a half a year old on Monday. When people said the time will go by fast, they were not kidding. I'm excited for their new developments but I want them to stay my babies forever, wishful thinking, I know. On Wednesday we will take them in for their 6 month well baby visits. Stay tuned for all the updates!


  1. good updates. have you considered making your blog private. you put a lot of info on here and I promise that strangers are reading it. if you go private make sure to invite me!

  2. I'm glad Jesse is doing well his first week and has found something that fulfills him! I can't wait for Friday :-) I love love love carseat shopping LOL! I still can't believe how old the girls are but they still seem so little! When you think they are getting too big, just think of Braedon and Cohen-they'll always be bigger :-) hopefully anyway