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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Addison's Progress

I went to visit Addison today and what did I find but a cute little face without a feeding tube. Yep, that is right, Addison is becoming more efficient on her feeds and has earned that right to feed without her cord pack. She is very close to finishing all of her feeds completely and if she can go a couple of days at this pace, she will be able to come home.

I brought Riley up when I visited Addison today and I got a dose of what it will be like when I have both girls at home. Riley was crying because she was hungry and Addison was crying because she couldn't keep her paci in her mouth. I had to feed Riley while trying to comfort Addison. Jesse and Sara didn't go with me so I had both girls to take care of on my own. While it was hard to divide my attention and take care of both girls, I was happy to have my girls in the same room with me. I am so proud of the progress each girl has made and I am starting to see more and more of their personalities. I can't wait to see how similar and different they both are.

Riley saw the pediatrician today. She was so kind to pee on mommy after I picked her up off the scale. I made a rookie mistake and didn't put her diaper back on before picking her up. The good news is that she has gained 2 ounces since being released from the hospital. The doctor said she looked great for a baby that should still be cooking. He said we can look to going a longer stretch at night in between feeds. I'm thinking about starting small and stretching one feed to 4 hours instead of 3 and see how she handles the extra sleep and the extra hour without eating. Overall, Riley is a champ at eating now and I really don't have to worry about her eating enough. She is taking in more and more each feeding. We are still working on the breast feeding but she doesn't quite have the strength to pull out enough milk so she gets a bottle after feeding. All in all, things are going very well, minus a little sleep. :)


  1. Congratulations Amy. your girls are doing amazing.

  2. WooHoo can't wait until she comes home!
    try tapping softly on the paci to keep her from loosing it!
    Amy I don't know why it works it just does! hehehe
    take care hun :)