Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Three

Today is my mom's birthday and she came out to visit the babies with my Aunt Diane. The doctors are saying that Addison should get off of her CPAP and we are so excited to see her face without the breathing tubes in her nose. Our Riley has lost a little weight and Addison has gained a little bit. Besides the weight, Riley is the one who is making milestones faster. It must be the 2nd born syndrome. She may have come out second but she has something to prove.

We also learned that both girls are jaundice and will need a few days on the photo therapy lights. When the girls are on the lights, we can't hold them as much. The girls can only have 20 minutes outside of their beds to make sure they get the maximum exposure to the lights. Riley is practicing taking her milk through the bottle top more and more giving us signs that she will probably be the first to switch to nipple feeds rather than her feeding tube. They had to move her IV today and the best spot was to put it in her head right by her forehead. It looks really barbaric but there are little nerve endings in the head and she didn't even cry. Now she has little chance of pulling her IV out.
My milk has mostly come in today. I'm only getting about an ounce or less out of each breast but I'm sure my body will work its way up to more as the girls need more.

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