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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Four

Today is a big day. The girls are moving out of the ICU portion of the NICU to the intermediate care. This means the girls aren't sick enough to need constant care and monitoring but they aren't well enough to go home yet. They still need to work on keeping their temperature and learn how to nipple feed all of their meals. The doctors are increasing their milk intake every six hours. The plan is to have them up to full feeds which is 37ml by the weekend. Once they are up to full feeds, they can be taken off of the IV's and be a little more free and have less things hooked up to them.

Riley's levels went down dramatically so she should be able to get off the photo lights by tomorrow. Addison is not breaking hers down as well as her sister, she will probably need a few extra days on the lights.

I still get sad to leave the girls in the NICU everyday but I know they are in good care and we will have them home soon enough. Jesse and I are working hard to get the nursery finished and buy the last minute items to make sure we are ready to take them home.

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