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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A bruise and a rash

What a fun title this is, right?

Riley has developed this rash over the last few days. We aren't sure what it is from as we haven't fed her anything new or strange. We did give her some yogurt bites that had strawberries in them and usually if we do that, she gets a rash on the back of her neck but this new rash started appearing a day before we fed her the yogurt bites. Each day the rash looks worse rather than better so a trip to the pediatrician may be in order on Monday if things don't clear up. I'm not even sure how to treat it.

The rash is in her diaper area and all over her belly. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it as I don't see her scratching herself or being cranky.

Here are some pics of her rash:

Then this evening, Riley pulled a TV tray down on the top of Addison's head and she got quite the bonk which lead to a bruise. This is the first real head wound for either child so it was a little traumatic to see hurt like that. She had quite the cry, but also seemed to recover pretty quickly. I know this is the first of many bumps and bruises.

Here are Addie's war wounds:


  1. Sorry about the bruise :(. As for the rash - a trip to the dr may make sense. Micah gets a nasty rash like that with teething. If it is an allergic reaction, it should go away with benadryl (but if you've never given that to her before, you should check with your dr first). You could try cortisone cream, too. Micah has also gotten a yeast rash before - went away with lotrimin. Then there are post-viral rashes - there is a whole wide assortment, but usually you get a high fever for a day or two. The last idea I have is a heat rash..keeping it dry (maybe some powder) and/or cortisone cream can help a lot. My niece also used to get an eczema rash - all bumpy, etc. They gave her a special cream to help with that. Hope you figure it out - those rashes are scary! - Tkeys

  2. Awww, poor little Addie. :( And Riley too, for that matter. I'm at a loss too from the rash. It's been in my experience that when a doctor can't diagnose it, they will say it's from a virus! I've dragged my kids in several times in my 8yrs of mommy-dom and that's a standard answer. Good luck and I hope they both get better soon.