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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 13 Months Girls

I know that the month milestones get a little less attention after the 12 month mark but I still wanted to get a little post in to celebrate another month in the lives of our amazing girls.

We are enjoying our trip in San Diego. The girls had some adjusting to do to get used to sleeping in the Pack n' Plays and their new environment. After a few days, they got into a routine and they have had fun.

So far on this trip, Addie has been standing up by herself for a few seconds after we get her balance for her. I know the physical therapy will come in handy and the girls will be off and walking here soon. On another developmental note, Riley has finally started crawling properly. Before she was doing a very fast army crawl that looked like she was a lizard on the ground. Today she really got herself up off the ground and was crawling around just like Addie. I hope she continues to crawl this way and build her butt and leg muscles.

I am slowly starting to wean from pumping. Right now I am pumping 3 times a day and I am trying to figure out how to drop my middle of the day pump. I'm trying to pump for less time on each pump to signal my body to produce less which will make things more comfortable for me to drop the middle of the day pump. Wish me luck

Happy 13 Months Girls!!!!


  1. Great signs from the girls! I think they are going to be RUNNING soon! As for pumping, if you really want to drop the middle pumping session, start pumping to relieve in the middle of the day, not to empty. It should only take a few days to really eliminate that session.

  2. Happy 13 months, girls! I say, celebrate 'em all! :)