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Monday, May 31, 2010

San Diego Trip Details Part 1

Our trip went very well. The girls were great car riders except for a few moments. Riley is suffering from separation anxiety so she was attached to me the whole trip. She rode over in my parents car and Addison rode with us so we could have someone in the back seat with each girl. Addison rode with Jesse and I and she was happy and did really well.

We stopped in Yuma (the half-way mark) to eat. We found a KFC with a buffet and that worked to allow the girls to sample everything off of my plate. Here are pics from the lunch:



Here are some pics from the car ride:


We arrived at the condo and got settled. It took some work to get our room set up and 2 pack n'plays but we figured it all out. The girls were a little unsure of their new surroundings. It took them a bit to get used to sleeping in a new place. They enjoyed crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

Here is their first pic with the ocean:

Playing in the condo, Riley:

Riley eating with her new travel high chair. Those were perfect for traveling and a big hit.


We went out to lunch with Sara and her boyfriend and Grandma Barb (great grandma to the girls). We ate at Mimi's Cafe and enjoyed the good company. Here is the family shot.

Addison being pulled around by Jesse on her blanket. She had so much fun.

I will post more about going to the beach and all the fun we had. Stay tuned.


  1. great pictures! It sounds like a wonderful trip! The girls look so happy. :0) I hope you had great weather! Can't wait to see more beach pictures!!!!

  2. Look at the perfectly positioned girlies in their carseats LOL! Glad the boosters worked out well for you...much better than hauling the high chairs :) Looks like you had lots of fun!