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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Weigh In (post vacation)

On our vacation I indulged a bit on the Southern California cuisine. I decided to eat sensibly for breakfast which included my oatmeal but all bets were off for lunch and dinner. We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant, ate fish and chips at the harbor, had ice cream several nights after dinner, ate In and Out Burger, Olive Garden, and Del Taco to round out the list. I ate more than my normal portions and really enjoyed the yummy food but now that I am home, it is time to get back to reality and back to eating better.

My weigh in this morning put me up 1.5 pounds at 139.8. I really thought it would be more with all the food and snacking but I think we kept busy enough to burn some of that off.

Now, I am all stocked and prepared to get back on the wagon and lose the last 10-15 pounds to get to my goal weight. I know that I really need to incorporate exercise in order to reach that goal but so far I haven't made the time. Jesse is now off for the summer from teaching so maybe he can watch the girls when I get home so I can get some exercise time in. Jesse is also going to change his eating habits over the summer and find time to exercise and bulk up a bit.

I will be posting about our trip and some pictures here in my next post. I have found it hard to keep up with the blog. I find that I am posting more on facebook and forgetting about my posts for the blog. Do any other bloggers see that happening to them? I am also hosting two online message boards for pumping moms. I guess I am filling the time I used to spend on school work with more computer time responsibilities. The question is, will I keep up?


  1. That's what vacation is for right? :)

    I don't blog very often it seems either lately. So far fitting in working out means getting up early before work which so far has been rough.

  2. Not a bad gain for a vacation! WTG! I know you can lose that last little bit!