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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally Some Sleep

I finally got a normal night of sleep. I think I managed to get about 10-11 hours last night and that really makes a difference in my body and my mood. I still had to get up several times to use the facilities but I was able to get back to sleep right away.

Today my body seems to be taking shape and growing more. My organs and becoming more compressed and I already feel out of breath because my lungs have less room to expand. My girls must be getting bigger and finding more room to take up. These are all small sacrifices to make in order to become a mom and bring your children into the world.

Today was a slow day. I watched a few movies and some time passing TV shows. Jesse picked up some new movies and some lunch and went off to play video games for the day. He was able to connect with an old friend from Wisconsin to play on Xbox Live.

The Twin family didn’t get a hold of Brea last night but I talked to them today and she will go over there tomorrow afternoon to look and the bassinets and swings. The prices are right and hopefully they are in good condition.

I’m a little bored tonight as I am running out of things to do to keep me occupied. I will start my next class a week from Tuesday. This will be one of the harder classes in the program so I am a little anxious about getting started.

Dad and Linda didn’t make it over tonight because dad is running behind in school. I hope he gets caught up on his homework soon. I will look forward to my Monday update on the girls at the doctor office and then celebrating Steven’s birthday later that evening.

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