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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plan B

I had a better night sleep but I still felt very tired. They took my temp several times in the night and also gave me the Motrin at 12 and 6 am. My breakfast arrived at 8:00 am. I woke up and ate that and then went back to bed.

I was alone today because Jesse went back to work and Brea needed to stay home and get things done around her house. I enjoyed the alone time. Eventually Dr. Spence came in and told me that I was not a good candidate for the abdominal cerclage and both doctors agree that my cervix seems to be holding up and doing its job. The plan for me was to be discharged and sent home to bed rest until I reached 24 weeks. Then I would be put back into the hospital to have more monitoring and medication so the babies could stay in my womb as long as possible and become as healthy as possible before being delivered. I am happy to be going home, but I know this battle is a long way from being over.

Bethany showed up with Kirsten for a visit. She brought some flowers and ice cream. She is such a sweet girl and it was nice to visit with her daugher who is just a little older than Brea's son Cohen. I called Jesse to pick me up and we all visited for a while before they got my discharge papers in order.

I was finally sent home and I could get some sleep in my own bed.

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