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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Complications

We went to Phoenix Perinatal Associates (PPA) to get my weekly cervical measurement. This time the news was not good at all. My cervix was measuring at a 2.0 and today it was measuring at a 1.5. My cervix is shrinking way to fast even though I took most of the week off and put myself on bed rest to help the situation.

As soon as the tech said that, I started to cry. In my head, I'm thinking "why me?" and "we have already been through so much to get here, why does it have to be so hard".

At this point the office sent me over to the hospital immediately to get admitted and find out if we can place the cerclage to help me keep my babies in longer. Babies usually don't have a good chance at life until they reach 24 weeks gestation. I am only 18 weeks.

At the hospital I was put into my gown and put on strict bed rest. Dr. Spence is the PPA doctor at the hospital and she was reviewing my chart and deciding when to do the cerclage.

Later in the night I was told they will do an ultrasound in the morning and decide if my cervix will be able to cooperate with a cerclage. I was put on an IV and I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. I was also hooked up to a monitor to see if I was having any contractions. So far, my uterus is just irritated.

Sleep is hard in the hospital when you are hooked up to an IV and other monitors and the nurse staff is in every 2 hours to check something or give me medication. In the morning we will find out more information.

Jesse and Brea stayed with my most of the day and Jesse went home to finish some homework and get my bag packed so I could have my own things at the hospital.

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