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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twin Items

Brea finally had a chance to visit the two twin families that were selling their baby girl items. At the first house Brea went to, the mom had several matching outfits. Some were exactly the same and others were matching in different colors. She probably was able to get at least 40 sets for $75 off of the craigslist add.

At the next house she purchased two pink swings that plug into the wall and take batteries. The swings look practically brand new and work perfectly. She also picked up to white bassinets with pink ribbons. The couple was asking more money but Brea was able to get them for $125 for all 4 items.

I was so excited to get those items at such a good price and everything was little girl cute!!! Brea washed all the clothes for me and brought them over. Now Jesse and I need to decide on the dresser to put in the girls room so I can start putting the clothes away. Brea and Chris came over for dinner with Braedon and Cohen. Brea made dinner and it was nice to interact with friends and have a nice cooked dinner.

We have our weekly check tomorrow at the perinatal office and then I have my regular OB appointment on Tuesday. I hope I have some good updates to report.

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