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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleeping Problems

I feel like an old woman these days. Laying down all day doesn't do anything good for my muscles and I'm losing muscle tone as we speak.

I have the most trouble at night. When you are pregnant you cannot sleep on your stomach obviously and you can't sleep on your back either because the uterus pushes on a vein that returns blood flow to the head. The woman will become dizzy and the babies will get less blood as well. So that only leads my two sides to sleep on. I spend the night switching sides over and over again because the weight of my stomach really hurts my hips and legs after a while.

I know it can only get worse from here because I still have 4 months to go. I will be 5 months pregnant this weekend and the 36 week goal will be towards the middle of May. I really hope that my cervix holds up and I can get my girls here safely with little time in the NICU.

I have been looking for baby items online on craigs list. We found a family that lives in Surprise that has two twin girls and they are selling many of the initial baby items. They have 2 very cute bassinets, 2 pink plug in swings, and I hope they still have the 2 pink bouncy chairs. The prices are about half their original price or less. Brea is going to go look at the items for me and pick them up if they are in good shape.

I'm passing the time by looking at baby stuff online, participating in the online pregnancy boards, reading, and watching movies. The first few days were relaxing but now I am pretty board and missing the nice fresh air outside.

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