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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad News

Well after being on cloud 9 yesterday where my family sprung me from the house and let me used my dad's motorized scooter to do some shopping, we have got some bad news about our fur baby Matti. Our 170 pound Great Dane took a visit to the vet today because he developed a growth on his front paw. We thought something had bit him outside or that he hurt himself jumping up on our 6 foot wall fences in the back yard. He loves to jump up and scare the neighbors but I always worried he would get hurt.

So daddy took him to the vet to get his front paw checked out and we got some news we were not expecting. The growth on his front paw is most likely bone cancer. Great Danes have a shorter life expectancy at somewhere around 8 years. Our boy is 5. At this age Danes start having health problems and bone cancer is one of them.

Tomorrow Matti will go back to the vet where they will sedate him and then take some x-rays of his paw. They will be able to tell for sure if he has bone cancer. Another diagnosis would be valley fever but the vet said it looked more like bone cancer.

My husband is devastated and doesn't take bad news well at all. His mother passed a couple of years back from cancer and my husband is very sensitive when it comes to that subject. We love our dog like he is a member of our family. He has been our child during the time we couldn't have children. I just can't explain how sad I am at this point. We won't know what his treatment will be if he does have cancer or if we can even afford to do anything for him.

Please pray for our baby and I will update with more news tomorrow.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I will hope for good news today. I would have commented on the she knows board but it is easier here when at work. I will be thinking of you today.