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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Update

We had another good appointment today. My cervix is still measuring the same and is not dilating or funneling. Although my length is much shorter than the average women, the doctors feel as though my length is normal for my body and there are no changes that would cause any concern.

I will go back for 3 more weeks on Mondays and then I won’t need to go back for any more cervical length checks. At 24 weeks we reach the potential viability range even though the goal is to get to at least 36 weeks. I will continue to have growth scans to check on the twins and have my regular OB appointments to monitor my cervix internally.

I have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist on February 16th to perform an echocardiogram on Addison’s heart to make sure the small hole is closing in her heart. It is fairly common and in most cases the hole closes by around 23-24 weeks and doesn’t cause any problems for concern.

Here is my appointment schedule for the month of February:

Monday 2/9 Cervical length check at PPA
@ 1:45
Saturday 2/14 Baby Shower @ 12:30
Tuesday 2/17 Cervical length check at PPA @ 1:45
Wednesday 2/18 Echocardiogram for Addison’s heart @ 2:00
Monday 2/23 Last Cervical length check at PPA @ 1:45
Thursday 2/26 Regular OB appointment with Dr. Carillo @ 11:50

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  1. Sounds like things are going great! I am sure Addison will be a perfect little girl.