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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Matti

Matti went in first thing this morning and they sedated him so they could get him on the x-ray table. They took 3 x-rays and the doctor isn't really sure what is going on with him. His chest x-ray was clear. There were no masses in his chest so that is good news. The other two x-rays were of his leg and they see that something is happening to his bone but it isn't presenting like bone cancer would. Normally it would look like a starburst pattern and all you could see is something going on around the bone.

The doctor is still waiting for the test results of valley fever that they may get back by Thursday. He is also going to send the x-rays to a radiologist for further review. Lastly, they may have to do a biopsy of his leg if they can't determine what is wrong.Thanks for thinking of my big guy and sending your prayers. Jesse and I feel a little bit better today but we still aren't sure if we will have him around for a while or not.

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