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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, February 20, 2009


I will start with the fluid levels of the girls.

Both girls had a level of about 2.0 cm of fluid on my appointment on Tuesday and today Addison's level went up to a 5.0 and Riley's was about 4.3. So each girl more than doubled her fluid level. They were actually surprised at how much the levels increased in just three days. I can say the extra water intake has helped tremendously. I told the tech that the girls were kicking like crazy last night and see said "Of course they are, they are happy now with all that fluid".

I'm so glad all the water and peeing paid off. LMAO

Now to Matti's news:

The test for the valley fever came back negative so he either has an injury or it is bone cancer. The Dr. sent the radiographs over to a radiologist to review further and they still see a suspicious area on his leg but it isn't defined yet. The plan now is to wait 4 weeks and take another radiograph and see if there are any changes. The also sent me home with some pain and anti inflammatory medications to keep Matti comfortable. So for now we don't know very much but we are going to spoil Matti in the meantime just in case.

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  1. Great news on the girlies! I bet they are happy to have all sorts of fluid to swim around in!