Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, February 27, 2009

Changed my Ticker

Since I will not be going to a traditional 40 week term with this pregnancy, I changed my ticker to represent the actual goal of carrying the girls to 38 weeks where I will be induced or have a c-section. There was some confusion in the family about how many weeks/days I had left. So the days you see on the side will represent me getting to the 38 weeks rather than a full term 40 weeks.

I hope that helps you all know when the magic day will be. I really hope we can get close to that day because the twins will have a better chance of going home with us if they can get as close to 38 weeks as possible.

The bed rest is taking its toll today. I just want to be active again and be able to see the world. I want to go shopping and finish up buying things for the girls. I want to be social with people rather than living in cyber or phone world with most people. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

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  1. I'm sorry - I know it sucks, but you are doing so well! I'll bet if you make it to 34/36 weeks without a hitch, they'll probably let you off the bedrest hook a bit. I got my green light at 35 weeks. I'm telling you - see about some wheelchair/scooter rentals - you can get out a LITTLE like that. Even to the grocery store or the mall for a few hours with a friend - most malls have wheelchairs available for patrons, so if you can work out getting to the door, having someone put you in the wheelchair, and then getting pushed around, it might just be a worthwhile excursion. The further along you get, if your cervix is holding, you can then probably start small outings . . . like a movie or dinner or a friend's house - as long as you SIT or lay down the whole time.